Why Arrest - A - Pest???

We provide our customers pest management services in the best and most economical way possible. This ensures the safety of their premises, family, employees and the products they produce, as well as providing them with the best value for your investment, and the list below are some of the names who are happy to have our services.

  Company Profile

 Company Name  Arrest A Pest
 Insecticide License No.  10012233PK
 Address  Office No:14, 1st Floor, Konark Industrial Estate, Opp HCL Building  Viman Nagar, Pune 411014,  Maharashtra, India.
 Phone Number  020-26631249, +91-9822190699
 Year Established  1998
 Business Type  Pest Control Services


To rid all locations of general pests using the latest methods and practices prevalent in the market while adhering to market accepted and customer specific standards and at the same time working towards "Zero Tolerance".

We Eradicate…

We Eradicate...Continued

Electronic Fly Killer and Traps…

Our target Industries..

  • IT Company's
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Food Facilities
  • Food Retail Stores
  • Temples
  • Schools
  • Societies
  • Theatre
  • Shopping Malls etc.
  • Pest Control Procedure..

    Insects Treatment:

    For - Cockroaches, house flies, fruit flies mosquitoes, bed bugs, silverfish, ants, bees, spider etc.

    Insect are mostly eradicated by spray treatment. This treatment is carried out around the premises to stop the entry of The insects in the premises. We also advice to use the electronic fly killer to control the flying insects in the premises.

    Rodent Control:

    For – Rats
    Rodent Control treatment will be spread over a period of 2 days

    First day for baiting
    Second day for removing the dead rats if any

    We shall be using quick acting baits as well as fast acting anti coagulants and glue traps as rodenticides.

    Value Added Services

  • Electronic fly killer
  • Oil base treatment for cockroaches in man holes
  • Flushing treatment- this treatment is done in the pipe line to control cockroaches in the premises.
  • Sugar baiting treatment for flying insects.
  • Smoke treatment- this treatment is effective against flying /crawling insects
  • Wet able powder spray treatment - It forms a coating on the wall and when the insect comes in contact with it, it dies

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